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Essentials that distinguish us

We believe that learning is not confined to classrooms; it is a dynamic journey that transcends boundaries…

  • Tailored pace and attention

  • Close evaluation

  • Periodic assessments

  • Student and parent counselling sessions

Why Learnmate ?

Learnmate - where skills evolve, passions flourish and mastery awaits


Expert Instructors

Learn from our experienced personnels that are dedicated to guiding you on your journey to proficiency.


Cultural Immersion

Delve into our languages section and dive into the heart of each by understanding not just words but the very essence of expression.


Interactive Classes

Engage in dynamic lessons that enhance learning making it an exciting voyage.


Mastery Certificate

Earn a certificate of mastery by choosing our skill courses.

Our testimonials

Don’t just take our word for ...


John Peter

“ I owe my PTE success to the exceptional online classes I enrolled in. The focused curriculum, interactive exercises, and expert guidance elevated my language skills to new heights. This platform is the best for anyone aiming to conquer the PTE exam with confidence and competence.”


Anwar Aslam

“ The spoken English classes in Learnmate was a linguistic adventure! The real-life conversations and cultural insights transformed my language skills. Now, I speak English with confidence and clarity. Truly grateful for this immersive learning experience”


E.J. Fathima

“ Choosing the online baking sessions was like unlocking the secrets to pastry perfection. The mouthwatering recipes, expert tips, and friendly virtual community created an environment where every baking session felt like a celebration. Highly recommended for anyone with a passion for creating sweet masterpieces!”


Yamyny Dutta

“ Kudos to the online tutors who transformed my language proficiency for IELTS. The virtual classrooms, engaging materials, and one-on-one sessions played a pivotal role in refining my skills. Achieving my desired scores wouldn't have been possible without this exceptional learning experience.”


Vandana Vijay

“ As a parent, I've witnessed remarkable growth in my child's academic confidence since enrolling in this online tuition center. The dedicated tutors, interactive sessions, and well-structured curriculum have turned challenging subjects into areas of strength. Truly a beacon of educational excellence!”


Active Students


Faculty Courses




Award Achieved


Virtual classrooms,
real results

  • Our online tuition classes operate through a user-friendly virtual classroom platform where students can log in, attend lie sessions, participate in discussions and receive personalised guidance from expert instructors.
  • Flexibility is our key as we offer students the freedom to choose class timings that suit their schedules.
  • Our classes utilise cutting-edge interactive tools like real-time whiteboards and concept understanding assessment tools that ensure an immersive and interactive learning environment.
  • We understand that each learner is unique and our classes adapt to individual learning styles.
  • Monitoring progress is crucial and our platform ensures its real time tracking that is also visible to parents or guardians.

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We believe in transparent communication of guidelines for online assessments and feedback. This helps create a fair and supportive environment conducive to effective learning and evaluation.

  • Virtual exams
  • Timed assessments
  • Varied question formats like multiple-choice
  • Remote monitoring by instructors
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • Submission portals for streamlined and organised submission process of completed exams and assessments.
  • Detailed feedback provided to students
  • Open-book exams designed for focussing on critical-thinking and problem-solving skills rather than memorisation.

  • Regular email updates to parents
  • Scheduled virtual parent-teacher meetings
  • Automated progress reports
  • Student portfolios
  • Online chat or messaging system that enable direct communication between parents and instructors
  • Interactive webinars or workshops
  • Student-led presentations where students can showcase their learning to their parents.

Why choose us?


Expert Guidance

Navigate the Olympiad realm with seasoned coaches who transform challenges into triumphs.


Interactive Learning

Immerse yourself in dynamic classes, engaging quizzes and real-world problem-solving.


Personalized Strategies

Tailored approaches for each learner, unlocking their full potential on the Olympiad stage.


Virtual Community

Connect with like-minded enthusiasts, share insights, and fuel your passion for excellence.

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